The Turecek Family

Tyler and I were honored as part of the 2018 class of Progressive Farmer/DTN America’s Best Young Farmers and Ranchers at the 2017 Ag Summit.

Hello! My name is Page Turecek.  My husband, Tyler, and I farm and ranch on the eastern plains of Colorado along with his parents, Keven and Sandi.  We are just a humble ranching family with deep, imbedded roots in the industry.  We love what we do and are very proud of it! We take deep pride in talking to others about the Agricultural industry and try to raise awareness about the many great aspects of not only the industry, but the lifestyle that it provides.

3 thoughts on “The Turecek Family

  1. We are ranchers in Central Montana. We hear your cry for help after the 2019 Bomb Cyclone disaster but it’s hard to know HOW to help. We are devastated by your story and we understand but from a distance…what is needed? There needs to be organization by county commissioners, etc who can give people a focal point for communication and donation if that would help. When you are fighting for your life it’s hard to organize something like this…sigh. I understand.


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